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A better way to market your institution


OES offers clients a competitive advantage in South-East Asian markets
by providing a representative presence on the ground. Tailored strategies can be implemented effectively because OES has a multi-functional representative office in Jakarta. OES offers clients a strong local presence, combined with in-depth local knowledge and years of experience in the education sector.


Traditional marketing strategies involving a ‘fly in/fly out’ approach are increasingly ineffective and costly. Many established institutions are facing declining numbers while new market entrants are finding it harder to get a foot in the door. Agents are reporting ‘Institution Representative Fatigue’ and are seeking more effective ways to connect with institutions. While some institutions already use a representative office, they often operate in competition with local agents. OES works with agents to complement their activities, not against them.


By pooling resources, institutions can gain a foothold in markets that previously were only accessible to chain schools or large, high-profile universities. By having a local presence manage relationships with agents, accepted students and institutional partners, OES has taken international education marketing in Indonesia to a new level. The average ratio of client institutions to marketing officers is six to one.

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