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What does OES provide?

  • Dedicated agency support, including: establishing and renewing relationships with agents, regular visits, counselor training and performance monitoring
  • Embassy liaison and working with immigration and education promotion sections of diplomatic missions
  • Preparation of reports on market intelligence, trends and strategies
  • E-mail counseling for direct enquiries
  • Liaison point for accepted students in order to maintain high conversion rates
  • Tailor-made PR strategies
  • Marketing schedule advice and production annually, updated every 3 months
  • Evaluation of marketing strategies on an ongoing basis to ensure enrolment targets are met
  • Visit program planning for client staff
  • Consultation on and placement of advertisements in target market publications and arranging interviews/ seminars
  • Brochure printing, storage and distribution
  • Initiating linkages with target institutions
  • Arranging mini-agency workshops
  • Delivery of paid-for services, such as translation, printing and brochure distribution.
  • Management of transnational projects and quality control mechanisms for in-country projects


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